Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making time for painting

Today I have been painting rocks to keep my focus. The new type of rock I have been painting is much smoother than sandstone. This smoother surface I have found is preferable for several reasons.This type of rock I have begun painting on is called “Mexican Pebble” which is Basalt rock that you would find in a decorative garden setting. It is black, heavy and very smooth which saves me from having to purchase new brushes every month. It is also much nicer to hold. I got these rocks at a place called "Clarks Rocks" in American Canyon. They were not expensive and saved me money from having to drive out to the coast to collect the rocks I usually get.I keep looking for ways of improving my craft. I am also remembering to allow the clear coat finish to dry before handling the rocks, because they can get pretty gummy if I am not careful. The rock above is a good example of the type of Spirit Rock or "Glowing Stone" that I am producing lately.

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