Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now it's Thursday

It is an unseasonably warm day ( we’re talking 70º plus ! ) . Winter here in Calistoga has probably never been more enjoyable, weather wise. I will be hiking through Bothe State Park with my pal, Don around 10 am. It was just as nice yesterday, but even though it was sunny out I couldn’t get out into it. It just seemed sort of wrong, being the dead of winter and all. My niece Elizabeth is in Hawaii, where there are continual tropical thunderstorms . My nephew Justin in Australia reports lighting storms for over a week now. Phew ! The image above was taken on my recent trip to SF. It is a view from Lafayette Park looking north across the bay. Sweet, huh?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking a Survey

Here I am at the Fleishman Field Research as part of a Focus Group. The group is pretty mixed. This is a fun way to earn a quick 75 bucks.

What an interesting day. I left Veda on the Freeway next to the San Quentin off ramp because the CHP would not let me drive through due to an Occupy protest. I ended up in SF after all. We are still on good terms... I think. She is living in her new home in Larkspur. I have yet to see it. The picture here is a sample picture which was in the Sample Pics folder at the focus group.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making time for painting

Today I have been painting rocks to keep my focus. The new type of rock I have been painting is much smoother than sandstone. This smoother surface I have found is preferable for several reasons.This type of rock I have begun painting on is called “Mexican Pebble” which is Basalt rock that you would find in a decorative garden setting. It is black, heavy and very smooth which saves me from having to purchase new brushes every month. It is also much nicer to hold. I got these rocks at a place called "Clarks Rocks" in American Canyon. They were not expensive and saved me money from having to drive out to the coast to collect the rocks I usually get.I keep looking for ways of improving my craft. I am also remembering to allow the clear coat finish to dry before handling the rocks, because they can get pretty gummy if I am not careful. The rock above is a good example of the type of Spirit Rock or "Glowing Stone" that I am producing lately.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still pounding the pavement

It’s been a year and a half since I left my job at the CIA. That almost sounds like a Catch 22, huh? ( You check out, but not really ). I have looked most every day for some type of work I can do; But at 61, sending out another résumé and cover letter almost seems like an exercise in futility. I have been trying to start my own business, painting gift rocks. This has been a seasonal business so far, as I usually sell mostly during the summer months. I have been trying to get a shopping cart on my Spirit Rocks blog so that friends can purchase their rocks online. This has been my strategy for the few months remaining until Spring.I hope to have that up soon.

Everyday,I paint a rock or two. Some are more beautiful than others. I try to think of ways of improving them. Being away from regular employment has been difficult. Today I went to the Dentist because I think I have an absess infection around a molar that has been capped. He took an ex-ray and determined to send me to a specialist for a root canal. Thankfully, hé has seen me with or without insurance. Job or no job. He is a very ethical Dentist, who I have been seeing now for twenty five years. I was able to get an appointment with a doctor who worked alongside the doctor who did the root canal originally. The original doctor has since gone out of practise ( good thing, because hé pretty much did a less than stellar job ). Now comes the money part.

Yikes !

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Scammers Posing As Friends On Facebook

Yes I am embarrassed to say that this happened to me. The Profile harvesters abound, culling every nuance to make your “friends” stories seem entirely plausible. Don’t fall for it like I did.Tell them to wait until you give them a phone call for personal verification, and even then … Ask questions that you would be certain that only they would know the answer to; Of course, nothing is entirely secure.Also,Don’t part with more money than you would be willing to lose.