Thursday, January 12, 2012

Upcoming Show

Today I went to purchase some frames at Michael’s Art Supply in Santa Rosa. What a store that is! It made me realize how much the Chinese people have contributed to glut of available merchandise in this country. Everything from the smallest sticker to the largest frames have been produced in China. I bought six frames , some high gloss acrylic spray and some mylar stickers for future rock creations. I have about five more 18X24” prints to frame to complete the show. I also need to purchase some sparkling cider, water and juice for the reception that will take place on the first of February at the St. Helena Library. I want to display my Spirit Rocks under a plexiglass case if possible, so that people will know that the rocks have been scanned on my flatbed scanner and subsequently modified in Photoshop. The excitement is building.

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