Friday, January 27, 2012

Meeting Leo Laporte

Today is Friday, and I made it back from MacWorld last night around ten. The trip to SF from Calistoga usually takes around two hours comfortably.Veda and I got to the Moscone Center around noon and parked at the Mission street garage.We arrived on the showroom floor and began collecting schwag and chatting up the vendors to learn all their was that was new this year. It only took two seconds to lose Veda, and luckily we had our cell phones because even though we planned to meet by the first aid station at 2pm, that did not work out as well as we had planned. I walked up near the front of Moscone West to look for Veda and found Leo Laporte holding court with a bunch of geeks in black open collar shirts. It looked like the staff from Macbreak Weekly which is Leo’s show that is video-podcasted every Monday.I have been a fan of Leo’s show for around five years or so. He really is very knowledgeable about all things computer related… not just Macs. He graciously posed for this photo which really shows off my belly (not so much his) but I guess I will have to start doing sit ups to counteract all this good food I have learned to enjoy.He is a bright likable guy, who should run for president.Just because.

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