Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A real Santa and a Chinese Christmas

Veda and I travelled to the city to have Christmas dinner at Martha and Ernie’s house. Rita and Hamish were there at the door to greet us when we arrived. Martha was in the kitchen on her laptop chatting away with my brother John in Chicago on Skype. Veda leaned over and said hello and was probably taken back when she realized that my brother was Santa Claus. I mean, his beard and snow white hair are all very real. The picture above will attest to the Chicagoland Santa's authenticity. I am still not sure what she made of him.My brother-in-law Ernie was busy preparing the clay pot and sautéed veggies along with some sweet and sour pork. We all sat around chatting about different things throughout dinner which didn’t get through until around 11:30 PM ! We had a mango custard for dessert that was absolutely delicious. Then it was time to head back across the Golden Gate. Veda suggested coffee, so we stopped at a café on Church street that was still open. I was ready for the ride back so we crossed the bridge and I bid her a fond ado as I continued on to Calistoga. Nice time!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Winter Solstice

It is another beautiful day here in Calistoga. The sun has been shining here every day for the past three weeks! The high pressure is sending all inclement weather either north or south but not in and around the bay area. The Forty Niners are doing well and have a good chance at making it to the Super Bowl this year after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers monday evening. Today I am going to a store called “Mr. Moon “ downtown. I will propose that they sell my Spirit Rocks, some of which I have fashioned into a crescent moon that looks like a perfect fit for their store. I also have the idea of doing refrigerator magnets that would be the exact same rock with a magnet glued to the back. I want to give them exclusive rights to and hope to make them the sole distributor of my work. This way I will have a retail outlet that can show my work year round ( I am keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps they will sell it as a "Mister Moon Rock “) I will keep you posted.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Progress, not perfection

Today is Sunday and I’ve intentionally missed the Republican debates on TV. I have no interest in the Republican Agenda. I painted rocks, I ate Quinoa, I went to a meeting and I went to mass. All in all, it was a good day because I accomplished a few things and intend to accomplish more tomorrow. Every day, I do something to further my desire for financial independence. I made a pendant and a beautiful rock that looks like it’s going to be a big seller. Tuesday is my birthday. I will be 61 and... MY SPIRIT ROCKS !

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Fun filled weekend

Just when I thought that I would not be participating in the Calistoga Christmas fair, I got a table set up at just the last minute ! The event coordinator let me display my Spirit Rocks and I had the best time ever. I connected with old friends and made some new ones. It was a lot of work and I was bushwhacked by the end of the day. I took a short nap because I knew the tractor parade was happening on Lincoln avenue as night fell. I shot the picture above just as the parade was ending ( doggone it ). I thought that the festivities were to start at 8PM and found out too late that they began at 7, so I caught the tail end of it. I spent a little time chatting it up with my friend Eleanor who kept me company and recalled her days events as she enjoyed a cup of Pumpkin Chai. I had a pomegranate juice before heading home and settling in for the evening.

All in all, a very satisfying day.