Sunday, October 23, 2011

Season of the Witch

I was reading an article online about Salem, Massachusetts. This was the place in American History where witches were burned at the stake over allegations of people casting spells and the like. So much suspicion has risen up in recent history where the country is practically polarized as people express or choose to hide their individual politics and beliefs.This reminds me of what it must have been like living in Salem in the sixteen hundreds. As a Freedom loving country, I think we forget that we have in the past, and will certainly again in the future,continue to pay a dear price to enjoy such freedoms.

The social and political climate of today kind of reminds me of the TV Show “Survivor” . This begins where everyone is trying to form alliances in the hopes of winning favor with their particular brand of leadership. This is all done in order to be the last one left on the island, thus “WINNING" as Charlie Sheen would say, the illusive title of being a sole survivor.

These are trying times, and at times I feel like the wolf in the image above, howling at the moon. This would probably be a very therapeutic practice if a group of people went up into the hills during a full moon, just to howl for awhile . Halloween is just around the corner so perhaps that evening would be a great time to just go out and howl.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Larry returns !

I didn’t recognize him at first, but Larry J. Nowlan is someone who I had given a tour of the Greystone Campus well over a year ago. Larry is a world famous sculpture who was responsible for all the relief sculptures of all the luminaries of the wine industry in the Napa Valley, which is showcased in the barrel room at the CIA. It was so great being recognized by him. He and his wife, Heather stopped by and purchased a few Spirit Rocks for their kids. He was in good spirits and we both discovered that we have more in common than just the fact that we are both practicing artists. We have a mutual friend named Bill, who has helped us both live much fuller lives today. Heather took this picture of us on Saturday afternoon. They were both in town to attend a function being held at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone that evening. It was wonderful seeing them. He will be returning again in February of 2012. I look forward to hanging out with them at that time.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

What a week

It’s Sunday and I just got back from Tucker Farm. My day began with mass at the St. Helena Catholic Church. Then I go to the N.V. Coffee Roastery for a cup of joe and a JalapeƱo bagel with cream cheese and butter. I know, cholesterol and fat for breakfast. This is my comfort food treat for the week. Then I hit the 10:30am meeting at Tucker Farm.

This week has been momentous with the passing of Al Davis and Steve Jobs. I was most taken by the passing of Jobs. I felt as if I knew him personally and that he was instrumental in my staying up with the technology and all things Apple. I drank the Kool-aid and am proud of it. Steve was a visionary and innovator. I was truly inspired by the lengths this guy would go to; to get his products launched.Being a Mac guy from 1996 to the present, their are not a few things I haven’t drooled over when it comes to I-anything.Thanks for everything you have made available for us, Steve. As I type this, the IPhone 4S is about to come out with a new operating system which interacts with the ICloud. Another reason to save my shekels.

Speaking of shekels, I had a great day at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. I came home with the grand sum of $370. ( nothing to sneeze at) after selling a number of beautiful Spirit Rocks. I even had a few Lady bug rocks that I made for a lady after a special request. She showed up, and probably was surprised that I had listened to her and took action. One of them sold ( not to her ) which pleased me, and reminded me to make more of them. I am beginning to see peoples partiality about certain animals, birds and symbols. I sold a few “Recovery Rocks” to a lady from Reno who was in town to share at a local meeting. You never know who will be touched by these things.