Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Grand Faloon

It has been a few days since I’ve returned from Oregon to Calistoga. The trip went well and it was great seeing my family. It was heart warming to connect with Grand nephews and nieces as well as the next generation of family members. We played horseshoes, barbequed, swam, petted goats and horses. went for a bike ride, and stuffed our faces with food. The ride up there and back was a bit long ( 10 hours ) , but passing by Mt. Shasta is always a wonderful site. The video is of my grandniece Cooper who is as cute as a button. She and the others were so much fun to watch.

My sister Tara had suggested this gathering and my niece Marian and her Zany husband Colby hosted ( Colby was non-stop entertainment ). Everyone seemed to pitch in with whatever was required to pull this thing off. Initially, Tara wanted to meet with everyone to pass along her collection of Children’s Books which she has used as reference materials for many years doing her work as an illustrator. The kids loved this, because they all got a great collection of books which they can later trade when they are finished with them. Most of the days were spent catching up or reminiscing about past family events. My only regret is that is went by too quickly and I wished that more of my family members could have been there.

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