Sunday, March 06, 2011

March comes in ...

It’s Sunday and the weather is wet and rainy.Perfect for a marathoner, because it will keep you nice and cool when you are well into the race.Around five hundred to a thousand people showed up for this race that was scheduled to go off at 7am.

Joan Benoit Samuelson , who won the First women’s Olympic Marathon event in a time of 2:22:19 in 1984 was the spokesperson who was invited to greet the runners at the start. Her hair is greying, but she still has a striking presence and great physique for a woman well into her fifties.She has been and still is an inspiration to many runners… both men and women.

You wouldn’t find me in the lineup with plans to run the race this year. The last time I had participated was in 1995 and I had jumped into it on a lark. Not surprisingly, I covered the distance in 5:21:24 and was just happy to stop.

In my best shape, I had completed the Oakland Marathon in 1984 in 2:50:14 which is one of my major accomplishments in life.I have missed running in the past few years, but have taken to hiking which still gives me somewhat of an aerobic workout depending on the pace I keep. The endorphins are still there to be had.

The video below shows the start of the race. The siren is a little annoying, but you can see the excitement in the faces of the runners. Joan Benoit is the last runner to go by as I pan the camera ( she is the one in purple ).

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