Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ho Hum Day

This was a boring day and I was depressed because I could not get myself motivated to do anything. Besides this, it was great weather outside. I painted a few rocks and started to design a business card . Everything I started went downhill fast. Then I made lunch. I had a rice cake. Now that is pathetic. I should've had a piece of styrofoam and peanut butter, I would have probably been happier.

It is very difficult for me to admit that I am having anything less than a fabulous day. That is why I am telling you, the reader. Whoever you are ( perhaps no one will read this entry , and I can go merrily along in bullshit land ).

It was said by someone important to me that when I am bored, I am getting close to my Higher Power. Can you believe that? Hmmm... If that is true then my Higher Power needs a little action to get going. Some kind of stimulus package perhaps.