Monday, February 14, 2011

Aetna Springs Hike

Yesterday was another gorgeous day in the valley. After mass, I met some friends for an 8 mile hike from Calistoga to Aetna Springs. It was a rugged hike with lots of rocks on the trail and beautiful vistas. I came prepared with a backpack full of goodies like trail mix, apples, sandwiches, extra water bottles and the like. Initially it was quite cold, but before long we all began shedding our jackets and long shirts. By the time we reached China Camp, the sun was very warm and everyone was hungry. All total, their were about eight people hiking. One group went from Aetna Springs to Calistoga. The group I went with; went in the opposite direction. The hike took a total of four hours. When I arrived home, I took a long hot shower and a nap. What a day !

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