Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Too many distractions

Every day I make a point of getting focused. It is so easy to fall off track or forget to prioritize the tasks I set out for myself to do. I just got up to rewarm a cup of coffee in the microwave and have discovered that it is almost time to go shopping for groceries again. I have been eating lots of almonds, cheese and salami. Great diet, huh? These are items my brother and sister in law sent me for Christmas. i am ploying through them like a cellar rat foraging through the mother load of a squirrel's winter storage. I am still staying busy by painting lots of Spirit Rocks. I think I would be in the looney bin if I didn't have this way to spend my time. Thankfully, it doesn't get boring, and I feel that I am being useful with my time. Back to distractions. I have started about four books that I don't find the time to read but feel that I must engage them at some point ( Life by Keith Richards, An Uncertain Peril by Claire Claire Cummings, Getting Control of your anger by Robert Allan and No more in control by Redford & Virginia Williams). I spend far too much time on the puter reading aimless emails and Facebook postings.Another sip of coffee. Speaking of which, I have the coffee commitment for the Wednesday night meeting at 8pm. Feeling pressure to find meaningful work. Checking Craigs list daily. Firing off a cover letter and resume when something strikes my fancy... even if it is a job far away. Hey, I'm available ! Focus... what is next? okay... focus.

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