Sunday, January 16, 2011

Antonia Moves on...

My friend and neighbor, Antonia Guitteriez has taken her family ( Neftali and Jessenia ) and has moved to a house on Fairway drive here in town. She is also an employee of the Culinary Institute and a fantastic baker. She used to bake all the cookies for the campus bakery when it was in operation. Yes, these are the same Peanut butter, Chocolate chip, Oatmeal and Sugar cookies that I got to bring home at the end of my shift everyday, to share with others in the neighborhood. As it turns out, she was never drawn to snacking on her own creations even though she would taste them, just to make sure they came out just right. Her kids are the most well behaved , fun - loving youngsters I have had the privilege to know.

Lately, I have been sleeping in, watching videos on my Ipad and painting rocks. I don’t get out much these days, and if I do it is only to shop or fill the car up with gas.Is this lazy or what? I wish I had something interesting or exciting to blog about. MacWorld is next week so maybe then I will have something to post here. The picture above is of the swamp area of Lake Hennessy. My favorite place to find solace.

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