Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Impulse Buy, but then...

Yesterday I returned from S.F. for the second time in two days. I went to MacWorld on Thursday, which is something I like to do annually. While there, I perused all of the expo floor and talked with many vendors about their new gadgets, software and peripherals.I recall being intrigued by a microprojector which you could hook up to your iPhone4 to see movies projected up to 7 feet in perfect resolution against a blank wall. I found it especially fascinating because you could also use it as a portable "still" projector and with special software you could project images onto a surface that could easily be traced using a pencil. I stood and watched the demo presentation over and over and asked many questions until all that was left was my desire to have the thing for myself.The presenter could tell I was chomping at the bit. I plunked down the plastic and after taxes it came to almost four bills. I wandered around to see the rest of the show, but already was feeling a bit anxious. Upon returning to Calistoga I immediately unboxed this jewel of gadgetry and began testing it out. If I were a rich man, this purchase would not phase me one iota. I decided to sleep on it. The next morning I awoke and this was the first and only thing on my mind. I called my friend Leo to come over and check it out before I returned to MacWorld to try and get my money back. The good news is that I was able to return it and get a full refund. Now I have the money I will need to purchase groceries. Food, Shelter and Clothing. These things come first .

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stags Leap

Today a group of us went on a hike to the top of the mountain range on the east side of the Napa Valley, known as the Vacas. We entered near Napa County's fish and game preserve and began walking east, straight up an incline that lead us to a fairly unmarked trail. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. The temperature was unseasonably warm for January. I think it got up in the 70's. Harrison Hood and a fellow named Carter were our leaders. Everyone seemed to have just the right amount of gear to navigate this difficult trek... except me. I had a fanny pack, some chapstick, trail mix,water bottle a baseball cap and some decent socks to wear. Other than the bare bones basics I guess you could say. Thankfully, others had some sun block and extra snacks to tide me over.My shoes were comfortable but not meant for long hikes on rocky trails.Luckily, I did not suffer any blisters upon my return. The view at the top was phenomenal as this video will attest.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Antonia Moves on...

My friend and neighbor, Antonia Guitteriez has taken her family ( Neftali and Jessenia ) and has moved to a house on Fairway drive here in town. She is also an employee of the Culinary Institute and a fantastic baker. She used to bake all the cookies for the campus bakery when it was in operation. Yes, these are the same Peanut butter, Chocolate chip, Oatmeal and Sugar cookies that I got to bring home at the end of my shift everyday, to share with others in the neighborhood. As it turns out, she was never drawn to snacking on her own creations even though she would taste them, just to make sure they came out just right. Her kids are the most well behaved , fun - loving youngsters I have had the privilege to know.

Lately, I have been sleeping in, watching videos on my Ipad and painting rocks. I don’t get out much these days, and if I do it is only to shop or fill the car up with gas.Is this lazy or what? I wish I had something interesting or exciting to blog about. MacWorld is next week so maybe then I will have something to post here. The picture above is of the swamp area of Lake Hennessy. My favorite place to find solace.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Moving on, slowly

Today I accomplished three things that I set out to do. One, I updated my Spirit Rock weblog with a video that demos the luminescent qualities of the Spirit Rocks. Next, I took the single velvet sample bag that I received in the mail and scratched off the bar mitzvah commemoration that was inscribed on the front and emblazoned my own logo on the bag ( see above ). Lastly, I printed out five reproductions of paintings I had done, to submit to the St. Helena Library for consideration of a possible show in the future. All in all, it was a very productive day.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Too many distractions

Every day I make a point of getting focused. It is so easy to fall off track or forget to prioritize the tasks I set out for myself to do. I just got up to rewarm a cup of coffee in the microwave and have discovered that it is almost time to go shopping for groceries again. I have been eating lots of almonds, cheese and salami. Great diet, huh? These are items my brother and sister in law sent me for Christmas. i am ploying through them like a cellar rat foraging through the mother load of a squirrel's winter storage. I am still staying busy by painting lots of Spirit Rocks. I think I would be in the looney bin if I didn't have this way to spend my time. Thankfully, it doesn't get boring, and I feel that I am being useful with my time. Back to distractions. I have started about four books that I don't find the time to read but feel that I must engage them at some point ( Life by Keith Richards, An Uncertain Peril by Claire Claire Cummings, Getting Control of your anger by Robert Allan and No more in control by Redford & Virginia Williams). I spend far too much time on the puter reading aimless emails and Facebook postings.Another sip of coffee. Speaking of which, I have the coffee commitment for the Wednesday night meeting at 8pm. Feeling pressure to find meaningful work. Checking Craigs list daily. Firing off a cover letter and resume when something strikes my fancy... even if it is a job far away. Hey, I'm available ! Focus... what is next? okay... focus.