Thursday, December 09, 2010

This one’s for you

December 14th is my friend Eric Swenson’s Birthday. I know, because he is one year ahead of me in the "number of years on the planet” category. I hope that he is having a great time up there in Port Townsend, Oregon. I heard someone say that 60 is today’s 40. Too bad for Eric because he is now 61.God, I hope that he is feeling more like 41 because that is how I remember him. I hope this sentiment is true for every one of the baby boomers that are still walking the planet. Remember when we used to "Not trust anyone over 30?" Now it's more like, just don't trust anyone ! LOL

Lately, the cloudy days around here have made me feel a bit melancholy.Yet it is wonderful to stay inside and create stuff. Today I worked on a new design for my Spirit rocks. I printed out a bunch of stickers with this upside down face on it. The “upside-downers” are fun to do. They say that if your nose runs and your feet smell that you are built upside down. That is what I tell people when I give them this particular rock. It is appropriate for this time of the year, because a lot of people have the sniffles.Anyway, after I print out the stickers, I cut them to size and paste them on the front side of the painted rock. Then after they are firmly sticking, I spray a coat of varnish over the top for protection. Then voila ! a new product is born.If you would like to see more of these rocks, go to my Spirit Rock blog. Just click on the link in the list on the right.

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