Saturday, December 04, 2010

Productive Day

I got up, showered and went to Dr. Mike to pick up some fresh water. Then I went to the Christmas Bazaar and bought a beeswax figure and some Fuyu persimmons. Back to my place to paint some rocks and finish putting together my reflector tables ( see above ). Then I went to Ace hardware to get my next door neighbor Antonia a tarp to cover her deck like the one I have covering mine. I decided to have this be an early Christmas present for her. Then after painting a few Spirit rocks I rode my bike back to the Christmas Bazaar to give two rocks to a couple of vendors who were about my age and rather attractive.Hmmm... where am I going with this? To the Tractor Parade which starts right about now and goes down main street in Calistoga ( Calistoga has the most parades of any small town in California ).Fun times !

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