Monday, December 27, 2010

Holy Night

After stopping off at my nephew Edward’s house in Napa to deliver gifts for his extended family, I went to Mass at Mt. La Salle. It used to be a midnight mass, but the retired Christian Brothers who live there, like to get to bed early. The chapel was filled with many people who I hadn’t seen in years. Brother Richard did the second reading which he described later as a run on sentence... offering no periods, commas or ellipses. Richard was my sponsor when I was studying to become a Christian Brother after my first year in college. He told me that I reminded him of Jesus Christ, which left quite an impression on me. Needless to say, I had to go out and prove him I was quite the opposite, yet still very much in need of redemption. He gave me a copy of a poem called,” The hound of heaven” which talks about the unrelenting pursuit of God’s love for us.That was years ago. I gave him one of my Spirit Rocks and he was very thankful. The Liturgy of the mass was splendid. The choir was accompanied by a violinist and organist. The sound was awe inspiring. Later after the reception, I drove back to Napa and went to a meeting. One of several that was being held over Christmas.

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