Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday go to meeting

I went to St. Helena Catholic church this morning and sat next to a little kid that made farting noises with his mouth which had the back rows of the church red with blushes and side glances. It was too funny and the culprit was hardly even two. After mass, I sat at the Coffee Roastery and had my first cup of Joe in around three months. Man was it good ! Suddenly, I felt erudite and verbose !
I wanted to chat it up with everybody! After the coffee and my usual Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese I headed off to the Tucker Farm meeting. Later on, i headed home and worked on my Spirit Rocks. I haven't come up with a consistent prototype yet, but I am getting there. I am at least numbering these rocks so that I will be able to personalize them as I sell them. Friday is when I showed my methods for packaging and designing these rocks to a women I know named Melissa. She likes crafts and has created some beautiful hand painted eggs, so I think she will enjoy taking on a new creative challenge. I am looking at getting these items in a Christmas fair as soon as I find out who to contact.

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