Thursday, November 25, 2010


“Life”is the name of Keith Richards new book and it is a pretty good read.He and I are both Sagittarius, and it seems that when we aren’t creating new adventures , we’re reflecting on how we got through the last one. The Stones are an iconic group that were instrumental in forming a lot of my generations late adolescent values of originality ,rebellion and creative pursuit.They always have been able to write their own ticket.The music and lyrics continue to intrigue me and are listened to often. Not always the mainstream hits like "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" or “Satisfaction", but more selective pieces like, “Memo to Turner” or “Can’t you hear me Knockin’ ”. These nuggets are stored away in my ITunes favorites, and only get pulled out occasionally depending on my mood. When I think about the Stones, I think mostly of Mick Jagger; Although Keith’s role is as essential to the success of the formula that is the Rolling Stones. Mick is someone who Keith almost seems at odds with at times, and if he weren’t such a necessary vehicle for transmitting the gestalt of the work, would probably not be as successful as a solo artist.

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