Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative Pursuits

It's Monday morning around 7am and the sun is just coming up. I took some Melatonin to help me get some sleep last night. I take a quarter of a tablet. Any more than that and I feel groggy the next day. Yesterday it was beautiful outside and the wind made everything look crystal clear. The wind was warm and felt tropical as I sat out on my deck reading a magazine.Earlier, I painted a few more Spirit rocks to add to my collection. I may drive out to the coast this week to gather some more rocks to paint. The other thing I accomplished was designing a box to package them, much like a pet rock only this is the next version. A rock that glows in the dark and has its own web page.It would be nice to code each rock separately and have a personal code that would unlock a 3-D figure that would be the rocks own individual "Spirit". This is something that I may develop down the road. I have a friend that is a master at Flash and HTML 5, so I will see if this is something he would like to pursue.

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