Sunday, November 28, 2010

Having options

Testing the new blogging app on my iPad. It's called "Blogger plus". it's nice having another option when it comes to creating and posting blogs. Naturally,I only have a handful of readers that check in now and then. It is great when they post something however. It makes me feel like a news reporter on special assignment. If only I had a special assignment to devote my attention. Lately, I've been experiencing a little boredom. Painting beautiful rocks can only get you so far...

Thursday, November 25, 2010


“Life”is the name of Keith Richards new book and it is a pretty good read.He and I are both Sagittarius, and it seems that when we aren’t creating new adventures , we’re reflecting on how we got through the last one. The Stones are an iconic group that were instrumental in forming a lot of my generations late adolescent values of originality ,rebellion and creative pursuit.They always have been able to write their own ticket.The music and lyrics continue to intrigue me and are listened to often. Not always the mainstream hits like "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" or “Satisfaction", but more selective pieces like, “Memo to Turner” or “Can’t you hear me Knockin’ ”. These nuggets are stored away in my ITunes favorites, and only get pulled out occasionally depending on my mood. When I think about the Stones, I think mostly of Mick Jagger; Although Keith’s role is as essential to the success of the formula that is the Rolling Stones. Mick is someone who Keith almost seems at odds with at times, and if he weren’t such a necessary vehicle for transmitting the gestalt of the work, would probably not be as successful as a solo artist.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday go to meeting

I went to St. Helena Catholic church this morning and sat next to a little kid that made farting noises with his mouth which had the back rows of the church red with blushes and side glances. It was too funny and the culprit was hardly even two. After mass, I sat at the Coffee Roastery and had my first cup of Joe in around three months. Man was it good ! Suddenly, I felt erudite and verbose !
I wanted to chat it up with everybody! After the coffee and my usual Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese I headed off to the Tucker Farm meeting. Later on, i headed home and worked on my Spirit Rocks. I haven't come up with a consistent prototype yet, but I am getting there. I am at least numbering these rocks so that I will be able to personalize them as I sell them. Friday is when I showed my methods for packaging and designing these rocks to a women I know named Melissa. She likes crafts and has created some beautiful hand painted eggs, so I think she will enjoy taking on a new creative challenge. I am looking at getting these items in a Christmas fair as soon as I find out who to contact.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today was a quiet day. I stayed at home until noon and then went over to help unpack a truck for the Food Bank. It didn't take long and I was back at home working on how I want to package the Spirit Rocks. I am thinking about using them for fund raising purposed or some such. I haven't decided. The last thing I want to do with them is sell them. It's not that they aren't marketable, it's just that I really despise attaching a value to something I have loved into existence. The same is true for the chefs hats. I absolutely love giving them to kids as a gift, just to see their reaction. The Spirit Rocks have a special meaning for me that is beginning to be revealed. To me, they are about focusing and centering on something good, so as to bring you out of a blue funk. I don't know how to use them yet, except that I think that having them under the light to charge them is an awesome exercise. Then to observe them until the glow fades is a good way to drift into a meditative state.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative Pursuits

It's Monday morning around 7am and the sun is just coming up. I took some Melatonin to help me get some sleep last night. I take a quarter of a tablet. Any more than that and I feel groggy the next day. Yesterday it was beautiful outside and the wind made everything look crystal clear. The wind was warm and felt tropical as I sat out on my deck reading a magazine.Earlier, I painted a few more Spirit rocks to add to my collection. I may drive out to the coast this week to gather some more rocks to paint. The other thing I accomplished was designing a box to package them, much like a pet rock only this is the next version. A rock that glows in the dark and has its own web page.It would be nice to code each rock separately and have a personal code that would unlock a 3-D figure that would be the rocks own individual "Spirit". This is something that I may develop down the road. I have a friend that is a master at Flash and HTML 5, so I will see if this is something he would like to pursue.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rainy Sunday

A nice little storm passed through today, and the rain was refreshing. After mass I went to the Napa Valley Coffee Roastery for a cup of Hot Chocolate and a Jalapeno Bagel ( Toasted with Cream Cheese and butter dontcha know ).Then I drove by the CIA and had a good laugh. The World's of Flavor Conference is going on and it is typical that the event should be faced with the extra annoyance of showers. I feel for the Staff that has to work this event, but this is usually the last big blow-out event before they go into the quiet season. Too bad I'll be missing it. When I got home I turned on a Blues station and broke out my color pencils and began to draw. Above is the creation that emerged. I started with those eyes, and went off from there. It's nice to just sit and practice using color and lines to formulate an idea. I added this to my portfolio, which you can visit by clicking on this link:

Friday, November 05, 2010

November Peace

This short movie clip is of Lake Hennessy, which I feature on this blog from time to time. It is one of those places here in the Napa Valley where I can escape to find Serenity and Peace. Today was no exception. Earlier I was bored so I found an old pair of suede slip on shoes and I ended up painting them metallic blue ( Yes, just like the Spirit Rocks in my previous post ). I feel goofy wearing them, but also somewhat liberated. The shoes went for the brief hike up into the hills you see featured in the video above.Then around 6pm I headed back into town and then up to the Friday night meeting at the St. Helena Hospital. Afterwards I met with a group of people to have a late dinner at Amigos in downtown St. Helena. It was fun fellowshipping with my friends from Napa. Everyone had a few yarns to spin and a lot of catching up to do. It was a fun day today.