Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Staying Connected

It's Tuesday and the clouds were out this morning, but gave way to some beautiful sunshine this afternoon. I was not able to post to this blog earlier today because my internet connection was out. I called Comcast and they determined that it was the modem that was faulty and I ended up driving to Napa to get a new one at the Comcast store. Luckily, I had some shopping to do at Trader Joe's so it worked out well for me. When I got back I plugged in the modem and called Comcast to activate it. Unfortunately, they couldn't do that yet assured me that they would stay on it and scheduled a technician to come out at 2 PM. When the technician arrived he checked the new modem and determined that it was not the modem but the cable going to the box on the outside of my apartment. Yikes !! That box has been padlocked for a year, so that no one could access the cables and the former landlady was the only one with the combination. The Comcast guy told me that he would stick around until I found a way to open it. I ended up calling the Calistoga Housing people to see if the combination could still be found. No luck. Then I drove to ACE Hardware to purchase a hacksaw to cut the lock. That worked. I didn't think my day was going to proceed this way, but thankfully I am back on the internet and won't have to go through any withdraw from this crazy dependence.

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