Monday, October 11, 2010

The Crush

It is sunny and beautiful outside again today. Yesterday was 10-10-2010 and the Giants pulled a little bit closer to making it into the playoffs. Saturday I went to help my friends Dick and Carol Uschyck, harvest and crush grapes. This has been and event that takes place every year about this time since 2001, and this was the first time I participated. A few years back I designed a label for their Merlot which they have used to make gifts which they give out during the holidays. What makes this amusing is that the grapes they harvest are from their "vineyard" which is basically a rather small yard in front of their house which we jokingly call the "lower-forty". What is so surprising, is that they usually get about two tons every year! The juice is very sweet and nutritious but don't worry. I won't be sampling the juice after it ferments. That would be road I won't be traveling down again. Dick invited me to stay and have dinner with the family which was great. They made tacos and we sat around exchanging stories about life in the Napa Valley as I drank my water. Carol gave me two jars of her fig jam to take home with me. They are nice people and good neighbors.

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