Thursday, October 28, 2010

Focusing on Art

The rains are on the way and still the Giants are in the World Series to play their second game in San Francisco. They won the first one and hopefully this one won't get rained out. Go GIants ! Tomorrow they go to play in Texas.

I drove to Napa this morning thinking that it was Friday and got to the dentist's office only to realize that my appointment isn't until tomorrow. It was not a futile trip though, because I went to see my friend Arnie, who is currently at the Queen of the Valley Hospital getting treatment for pneumonia in his lungs ( yikes ! ) He has to stay there until they get the infection in his lungs under control. I hope he will be out soon.

Trader Joes is my favorite place to shop because they have the best products and value for my money. I made a stop there to buy vegetables, nuts, crackers, avocados, ginger chews, cranberries and some tahini sauce. So now you know what I like to nosh on. Yesterday I went for a hike up to Coyote peak at Bothe State Park. I did some artwork in the morning, and hiked in the afternoon. Today it is a little too overcast and it may rain tonight,so I'm going to take a pass this afternoon. Besides, my feet hurt after only a four mile hike... sheesh !

A friend of mine suggested that I paint some not so common fruits and vegetables that are used in the kitchen. This is how I spent the day. The other thing I've been painting are "Spirit Rocks" that I will be giving out on Halloween. No really... these are pretty cool. I got some rocks from the beach out at Jenner and found the smoothest and roundest ones around. Then I got some nice acrylic metallic paints to cover them. Then I paint small designs with glow in the dark paint on top. More to come...

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Viv said...

Dearest Friend, you are so very creative, I have not blogged in a while and have not stopped by your blog either............such good news, except for those hurtfull feet, sorry about that.
BTW, Trader joes is my favorite store in THE WORLD, Surya and I miss it so enjoy and send out a thought everytime you enter one.
much love to you from also rainy France. My rugby team wan today, just returned from the game, loved it.....I'll post a picture for you.