Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A legend of the Fall

Looking at my previous blog, it is ironic that I have a picture of the Main entrance to what many consider to be the best of the best in west, facing eastward. Because that is the doorway view from the desk where I have worked, laughed and cried for the past seven years and nine months. I have since walked through this portal perhaps for the last time. As I right this, I have been "shown the door" as they say, with a warning not to step on these hallowed grounds again. To the best of my knowledge, Monday marks the last day I was allowed to work as Concierge at this beautiful facility. This happened on the last day of summer as the Autumnal equinox began it's yearly sojourn. One could have said that I should have seen it coming, but like the last of anything, I was the last to know. I am sure there are big lessons to come from this, and certainly more shall be revealed. Suffice to say that if Pride cometh before the Fall, This Fall happened on very short notice. As it turns out, the woman in this picture is Janice who worked the same position as me eight years earlier. I had the distinct pleasure of giving her my final tour on my final day.That's a badge that she is holding which designates her as a "Tourist". In some ways, I think this is what we all are ... really. Just tourists.

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Rita said...

Oh my gosh! I hope yoy can collect unemployment. This is quite the shock.