Friday, July 23, 2010

Review of this month's posts

Okay, I have been exploring the Social Media a little more now that I have a new IPhone 4, and a bit of the know-how in posting videos both on my blog, FB, Twitter, QIK and Google Buzz.It's a big step into the unknown,only because I haven't asked all the questions there are to ask and it is all still a bit overwhelming. Below is the video I took in San Antonio at the big ALAMODOME Showdown with the friends of Bill. You can see that the place is filled to the Rafters with lots of special people. I ended up spending the night in my car because all the rooms near downtown San Antonio were BOOKED SOLID. I felt so grunged out the next day, but luckily I found a motel not far from the Conference Center and RIverwalk area. Before that though, I scoped out a community pool where I took a free swim along with a hot shower to freshen up. My higher power was with me the whole time I was there. It was an incredible experience even though I missed hooking up with the folks from the Northern California Fellowships.Waaaaaahh ! Anyway, I will be going to these again in the future.

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