Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moving Forward

Everyone and everything is taking on a certain color.Even my co-workers Susan and Liz look, uh... fresh after having seen "Avatar" . Now with the clocks moving ahead an hour, everyone is gearing up for Spring.Last Sunday was the Napa Marathon with the local winner crossing the finish line in 2:56:23 I would have beaten him in 1984 with a personal best of 2:50:14 Now after having had my meniscus repaired on my left knee, Thirty pounds heavier and 25 years older... well, you get the picture ). I do miss running long distances though. It was a cheap natural high when the endorphins produced a buzz that would last a day or two. My exercise regime nowadays is climbing a flight of stairs accompanied by heavy breathing and the only high being the altitude.

Wednesday is St. Patty's day and next Sunday is Palm Sunday. The swallows will return then, as it is also the Vernal Equinox. I should also mention that yesterday was my thirty-third sober birthday. I can still recall the half pint of Royal Gate vodka and eight Heineken beers that brought to the brink. Thank God for all the support of family and friends for putting up with me during those early days. Thank God for the running too... It helps me blow off steam while getting healthy. Perhaps I will get back to it this summer. I know that swimming will be on the agenda. Come May, the pools will reopen at Bothe State Park and in Calistoga. I can hardly wait.

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