Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open House not for the dogs

Today was our monthly Open House at Greystone. We had prospective students from all over the area, but not as many as last month. We have taken a "don't call us, we'll call you stance" when it comes to inquiring about admission to the CIA. In the past we have invited guests to come to our Open House only to find that they were more interested in a free tour with bakery goodies, than inquiring about our educational programs. Last month we had around 100 people. This month was more like forty people. Big difference. The Campus store, Viking Kitchen, Tasting bars and Chocolate Room are almost in full operation. The next big hurdle will be the Cafe and Bakery which will be a restaurant that is run by our students. I have been enjoying giving tours lately...since that is a new thing that generates revenue. Ask me again in a couple of months how I am doing with all this. The cute little puppy in the picture is my co-worker Eileen's dog, Pierre.
She emailed me the picture.

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