Monday, February 01, 2010

Mustard Magic

The Mustard Festival went off without a hitch. The people responsible for this event have gotten better at putting it on each year, and it gives people a good reason to come to the Napa Valley this time of the year. This year's Mustard Magic had only around 700+ people in attendance. Last year we had around a thousand. Thankfully, no rain put a damper on the event. They had an art exhibit in the Barrel room and various performers were roving about the building as expected. The Teaching Kitchen had a full buffet of delectables like fish sticks, Raviolis, Scallops, Ceviche Salad and the like. I had the opportunity to talk with Don Sanchez and the lovely Cheryl Jennings who anchors the news on Channel seven. It's funny how she approached me and asked if I would like to have my picture taken with her. Pretty bold, huh? I was more interested in getting a candid shot of her from a distance, rather than this vanity shot of both of us. Notice the little Mustard flowers above my name tag. As you can see, I was ready to participate in the spirit of the evening. Without a doubt, most everyone there had a good time.

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