Sunday, February 14, 2010

Managing upsets

I learned a long time ago about the "Anatomy of an Upset." It consists of three components... 1.) Unmet Expectations 2.) Undelivered Communication or 3. ) Thwarted intention. It can be said that if you are upset, one of these factors come into play.

The trick for most people is to get off their position and move on with their lives, and not get stuck in a control drama. I cannot begin to tell you how liberating it can be to move beyond anger and resentment. I am powerless over that surge of feelings that overwhelms me as my buttons get jammed.Most people will attest that anger and bitterness can poison an otherwise wholesome relationship. I tend to fear the anger response, which only compounds it.

The idea of choosing one's experience of anger is beyond me. I would agree that which is resisted, will persist, but unless I can be specific when communicating my upset, do I have any clue as to how to release it.

Today I am grateful that I have moments that I can move past. I still can have angry moments. I pray every day to move beyond my anger.

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