Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great looking flower

This is a lovely passion flower which is so enchanting. It looks just great.The rains earlier this week have saturated the soil and the creeks are full. Yesterday though, a huge earthquake rocked Chile.It was 8.8 on the Richter scale and the death toll is currently at 720 people and rising. Haiti occurred some weeks ago, and that was in the 7's, yet the area was much more densely populated and killed a lot more people. Sitting here underneath a massive amount of Tufa stone sometimes makes me a little nervous even as I type this blog.If Greystone has survived three major quakes,it has to be said that nothing is really earthquake proof. We like to say that we are seismically safe here. We point out many things on the tour of this place, and usually take time to reveal the spots where many steel supports were installed, and showcase the overall condition of the building.I heard Wanda Sykes on NPR the other day comparing blogging to keeping a diary. She is so right on with her observations.

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