Monday, February 22, 2010

Love in the world

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun is out and I've already gone to the local bike shop to get my tires filled with air for a little ride. First things first though, as it is also laundry day. This past week has been very good. I got a box of candy hearts from the Store manager at the CIA, and i gave out a few valentines to some special people in my life. I also had an emotionally stable week at work, because I made it a special intention to treat everyone as I wish to be treated. Sometimes, It is just a matter of bringing the Golden Rule up to consciousness. Friday and Saturday we had the Napa Valley Premier held at the CIA. The vintners in the area along with sommeliers, wine merchants and brokers came to Greystone to bid on the best wines of the Napa Valley while the wines were still in the barrel. I guess if it were the stock market, you might say that this was like investing in "futures". An auction took place, and unlike the more publicized NV Wine auction that takes place in June, this is an industry event where the featured wines have not even been formally bottled yet (strictly barrel tasting). In previous years there would be a few celebrities floating about among the high profile Vintners and Restauranteurs, like the apologist steroid slugger Mark Macquire. Boston Legal's "Denny Crane" (William Shatner) also made a showing one year. This Premier was not as eventful and I cannot even tell you what the highest bidding wine was.

Besides, Today is a beautiful day and I could care less.

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