Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ahhh, Conan. I found this poster more appealing than his campaign to get back his regular time slot on NBC.I'm a Letterman fan more than a Conan fan, but Conan is more likeable to me than Jay Leno. Carson was my all time favorite monologist, but Letterman provides a better show with the way he interacts with his guests.Okay, enough of late night T.V. because I don't even have a regular T.V. anymore.(( I have an Apple T.V. dontchaknow.))

The weather is nice and fresh after the rains on Monday and Tuesday. The sun has come out and things are slowly coming back to life. After the tragic earthquake in Haiti, many are counting their blessings for what they have.Yesterday, I went to the Calistoga Fairgrounds to get my H1N1 shot. This makes the second shot I received this season. Hopefully, this will keep me healthy and happy. I saw my friend Reid yesterday. We went for lunch at Yao Kiku over in Santa Rosa. We caught up on stuff, "kvetched" I think is the Yiddish term.

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