Friday, January 01, 2010

First day of Twenty Ten

The only thing waking me up last night was one firework launched at midnight which sounded like a bomb going off. The kids next door shrieked at the stroke midnight and I rolled over like a grumpy old man and tried to go back to sleep. I got up early enough to get to Noreen's house. She is my eighty-one year old friend who likes to take me out for breakfast. We drove first to Mt. La Salle for New Year's day Mass. It wasn't happening,but we paid a visit to the Christian Brothers who were there and walked around the grounds and said some prayers in the chapel. Then we drove to downtown Napa to find a place to have brunch. Gillwoods was packed, so we kept prowling around for awhile. Finally we drove back to St. Helena and had lunch at the Gillwood's there. I had a club sandwich and a cup of clam chowder. She had a Salad with ranch dressing and a cup of chowder as well. After that we went to the Cameo theater to see " Out of Africa " for Free !! It was a classic movie that was thoroughly enjoyable. The pairing of Redford and Streep was flawless. Noreen was very pleased that I went with her and kept referring to me as her "Adopted Son". What the hell, she is a sweet lady whose own family doesn't seem to take the time to visit her.

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