Friday, January 08, 2010


The big highlight of my week was going to see the movie "Avatar". More about that later...This week the store is completing inventory and is in the midst of continual expansion. The chocolatier bar is being constructed and the new teaching kitchen ranges and stove tops will be ready to fire up the first week in February if everything goes accordingly.Eventually their will be a cafe which will be sit down instead of take out. This will be a welcome sight on these frosty mornings as one will be able to greet the day with a hot latte and a blueberry muffin, all while reading the days Chronicle.The fog has been showing up in the morning, with the sun coming out in the afternoon around 2 PM. The space heater under my desk has been keeping me warm but I need to wear a comfy vest to keep my upper body warm.Greystone is a cold building in the winter,especially since most of the windows and door are open for future construction.Luckily the contractors have been able to get the heat going at the south end of the building which will be useful when the DeBaun theater opens back up, sometime this summer. Last Tuesday, I went with my friend Don to see the movie "Avatar" which was fantastic. I really enjoyed all the special effects in 3-D. The story was an adventure epic which had me on the edge of my seat for the entire two and a half hours. My only concern was that an intermission was sorely needed because the movie is just a wee bit long.Already the show has made boatloads of cash and I suspect artifacts like posters, books and other memorabilia will be showing up on store shelves very soon.

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