Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inside Activities

The rains let up today and the sun was out.What a week! The last couple of days were gloomy so I stayed inside and drew pictures. I used watercolor pencils for the picture above which I call "Flamenco" for no particular reason except that I thought it had sort of a theme going on with the fan and colors.This blog began at the end of the day on Wednesday, and today it is Thursday afternoon around 4:30 PM. I am bushed. I wanted to sleep in today. Thankfully, their weren't too many things that caused me to be stressed out today, but it is still only January.We are in the process now of setting up for the Mustard Festival this Saturday. Already, guys are dropping things, hammers are pounding and saws are whirring. Looks like I have cause to be stressed out after all. Some days, I'm too busy to be concerned about anything else except what is the next thing in front of me. The new students who arrived last weekend are beginning to find their way around. I am beginning again to learn the names, and putting names to each of the faces.Not a very exciting blog, eh?

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viviane said...

As usual, your talent hits me, love your colors and shapes..thank you for sharing them with us.
a bientot