Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Short Trip

Monday I went to S.F. to participate in a focus group. I got paid $75.00 for determining if "Skype" was a viable alternative provider for making wireless calls internationally and/or domestically.Not bad, huh? Well I arrived early in the day and went by Cliff's Variety Store to visit my sisters and my niece. Martha was about to take her lunch break so we went next door to fetch a few Turkey Sliders and some drinks. All in all in was a great visiting family. My sister Rita said that she was getting off at three and if I thought about it, I would have invited her to go see the movie "UP" at the Castro Theater at 2 PM. I am sure Martha would have let her cut out early. I went off to see it myself from 2- to 4 PM .The movie was a family film and a bit of a tear jerker.The movie was and animation story, that required 3-D glasses to get the full effect of the graphics. After the movie, I had time to visit the Apple Store on Stockton street to pick up an adapter device for my Apple TV.The focus group lasted about an hour and a half. Afterwards, I visited the Hyatt Hotel where I used to work when I first got involved in the Hospitality field. The place has a new look at the top in the restaurant but the view is still one of the best in the city. All in all, it was a great getaway for the day.

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Viv said...

ummmmmm reading all this makes me feel the cool sf air...and I love it