Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Holy Week

I drew this picture after having an idea of making this into a T-shirt and selling it to a tourist shop down the coast at "Half-Moon Bay." Obviously, this visual pun may appeal to the people there... then again, it may only appeal to the tourists. This week really marks new beginnings for me. Easter Sunday has always represented rebirth and redemption in the Catholic tradition. Starting thursday, I plan to fast for four days. This will both be a cleansing and an attempt at making a spiritual connection. If this sounds a bit sanctimonious, I don't mean it to be. The past winter was probably the roughest one I have had in many years so I am getting with my program to the best of my ability. Also, I am still trying to recoup my losses, not only after the motor scooter accident, but also after being suspended from work for three weeks ( some defects of character I've held on to tenaciously and the price is getting to high to pay to keep them ). Material growth only comes after spiritual growth I've learned . So I cannot rest on my laurels in sobriety, it's grow or go! The fast will be about conditioning as well. Working at the Culinary Institute has made it all to easy to overindulge in fabulous food, and now I am at least 20 pounds overweight. On another note, I was planning on moving into a new apartment here in Calistoga, but the place is too small, does not have storage or a deck, and I would have to take a downstairs apartment. Staying where I am is about the best I can do for now. Not long ago, I was interviewed in Napa Valley Magazine for an article about Affordable Housing ( where I live is managed by the affordable housing group ). I have been living here for over 13 years and it used to be affordable... now it "barely affordable". I have to earn two paychecks before i can "afford" to pay my rent each month. That does not leave a whole lot of money to pay bills and buy groceries with; But I have learned how to budget and buy only that which I can really afford. Needless to say, I purchase most of my clothing from second hand shops and buy my groceries at the Grocery Outlet ( formerly the Dented Can Market ). The article featured a picture of me and some glowing remarks about the affordable housing market in Calistoga. Nowadays,My luxuries are hiking, swimming, artwork,digital photography and doing other stuff on my computer like blogging and maintaining a portfolio site. So, I pay my bills and look for some extra money doing art/graphic commissions and hope for a brighter future.I live a very modest life if you must know. If you are reading this, you might consider having me do a design for you. Check out my portfolio at: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~banteron/index.html Thanks !

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dangerous dan said...

Haha I would buy that t shirt - clever and artistic