Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Grateful

Sundays are my Fridays and the next couple of days are usually spent doing things I like to do... even if it's going grocery shopping or hiking with my friend, Don. I like that I get to sleep in on Monday mornings when the neighbors are all starting their cars at 7:30 am and getting their little jitterbugs off to school. Of course this week I have swapped days with my coworker, Marty so she can attend a family function. Tuesday, I will be doing a tour for Houlihan's restaurant execs after my regular business hours. Any opportunity for a few more shekels is much appreciated in today's economy. Last night I attended the "Quencinera" my neighbor Anotonia had for her daughter, Jessenia. It was held at the fairgrounds and I saw a lot of people from the Hispanic community, and a few people from work. I enjoyed cake and got to dance a Latin celebration number with Antonia. All in all it was a nice time. Jessenia is a sweet teenager who takes care of her little brother and works out dance routines in her spare time. Many times I will come home and both she and he boyfriend will be making out on the stairway up to my apartment. I always greet them by saying, "Good evening, young lovers!" They always smile coyly and wait until I pass to go back to their business. This is just another aspect of life in the hood.Below is one of the dance routines that Jessenia performed with her crew.

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