Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing Through

If I were playing golf, this would be a day where I would request to"Play Through". This phrase usually applies to a group of golfers who are moving at a quicker pace than a group in front of them. Generally,as a courtesy they would request to play through, rather than being held back by the less skilled. No one person or group is really holding me back, but I can see that my ability as a Concierge is to facilitate communication throughout the building and provide current and accurate information in the face of mounting distraction and time urgency. Not everyone where I work recognizes this aspect as my job and my mission.I am just one of many who have adopted the Standards of Excellence, which is the written code to which all employees have agreed to uphold. Playing through sometimes just means staying the course.

Today went surprisingly well in that respect., considering the fact that I started my day with a root canal treatment on an abscessed molar.I prayed about being pleasant towards my co-workers and to do the job that my Higher Power has set out for me. Having a numb face was the least of my concerns.

My actions and intentions seemed to dove-tail today in a rather pleasant way.I could have gotten uptight about all the challenges that my supervisor presented to me, but I am seeing that she is doing her best as well. In response to a tightening budget that is going on everywhere these days... Well,we are all doing the best we can with the marbles we've got.

This downturn in the economy affects everyone differently, yet universally the same. Taking stock of this fact is recognizing the fact that there is no such thing as "business as usual", in maintaining what is perceived to be the status quo. I think we are all looking for a way of validating our worth as a people that cannot be measured in a purely monetary sense. As a nation, we are learning to "play through" the capitalist mentality that assesses it's worth in terms of material abundance,tangible wealth and a credentialed resumé.

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Viv said... they cut the budget on the number of pen you are allowed and it is why you were counting them the other day...!!!!