Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Video Cam!

Who / What is it? This little owl video was taken on my deck.I went out this morning just to give this new gadget a whirl. Today I went down to Napa to visit the Doctor in the hopes that I could get something that would quell the itch on my arm and left leg. I went in and was prescribed an antibiotic which after a week should eliminate this persistent problem. After the Doctor's visit, I went to have my car tuned and lubed at Quality Auto Tune on Soscol avenue in Napa ( now that I am back driving my car again ). Because it was going to be a major tune-up, I walked to Wal Mart and ended up purchasing a new Zi6 Video Camera that can take HD Video ! After shelling out 170 bucks I drove home and loaded the Camera with a new 6GB memory card and fresh rechargeable batteries. Today I went to Bothe State park to shoot some scenes... just to try it out. I also edited my little Quicktime movie and added a few clips from other scenes I had shot. Unfortunately the first file was too large to upload, and Blogger wouldn't allow it.By the way, anyone who can guess what is in the bowl at the end of the video wins one free night to sleep out on my deck during the summer... no expenses paid !

1 comment:

Viv said...

What ever it is...It is SCARY!!!
I will guess a few mussel shells and a dried up jelly fish!!!!
Margarine for birds...! yuck!:-)