Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Napa Valley Premier 09'

Well last year I got to ride the elevator with Denny Crane, aka Captain Kirk, aka
( William Shatner ), and this year I got to meet another type of celebrity.
This is me with my new friend ( and bodyguard ) from the
Boston Celtics, #66 Center Forward,
Scot Pollard
This guy is 6' 11" and I am 5' 8" standing on a step. Notice the dude in the background tending to his nose. Sometimes it's my job to keep the paparazzi away from our celebrity guests, even though this guy can certainly fend for himself... ( just kidding ). He came by to visit the CIA and bid on some barrel lots at the Napa Valley Premier ( a Prestigious invitation only wine auction event attended by the NV Vintners, Restauranteurs and other assorted Buyers.) It's here where the insiders get first crack at the best wines in the Napa Valley. This happens well before the actual wine auction which takes place in June. It was also attended by Home run (steroid) slugger, Mark McGwire, but I wasn't able to get a picture taken with him...Oh well, he was probably swarmed by a multitude of wine snobs and autograph hounds.

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