Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mustard Magic 09'

Today Laura Lynn is coming to Greystone to put the finishing touches on the Mustard Festival's kickoff event. The building takes on a another kind of energy. Tonight many people will show up wearing costumes and finery to see and be seen. Great food and wine will be showcased throughout the event.I will be meeting lots of the locals tonight when they arrive. It is always great fun. Marnie Cunningham is my co-worker and she will be helping with the cameras at the cooking demos which are the regular part of the weekend activities here at the C.I.A. The weather continues to be pleasant and bright as Feburary peeks its head around the corner tomorrow. February is going to be a month of big changes.

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Viv said...

when i see this picture I feel the concret floors benieth my feet and the smell of the barrel room...and the sounds and how cold it gets in the winter!!!