Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is...

The Holidays come at a time of year when the weather is bleak and dismal. The days are short and the nights are long. I don't really like this month, even though Jesus came into the world during this time. Spring can't seem to come too soon, and it doesn't really take hold until early May usually. People are said to hunker down for long winter naps and attend to activities like reading, wrapping gifts and letter writing (((Yawn))) Even talking about stuff like that, makes me feel like having some comfort food to fill me gullet, and then crash out for a few hours.Speaking of comfort food, I went to Theresa and Johnny's Restaurant in San Raphael yesterday with my friend, Dieter. We had a "Norcal Eggs Benedict" special with home fries and some French toast that was other worldly. Leslie is actually the head Chef there. She is the "Theresa" of the Theresa and Johnny's . She has been a friend of Dieters for a long time. I met her when we went to visit a mutual friend of ours up in Grass Valley last Spring. This person would be John Kane, who is a boyhood pal I know from St. Francis Woods, who went on to become a chef and open his own restaurant just a few years ago. He is married to Maria, who also owns a restaurant there in Nevada City. They are both very busy (as one might imagine) , and spend most of thier time managing BOTH restaurants! Leslie is the same way (workaholics, all of them). She was taking orders and cashiering the whole time we were there stuffing our faces at the counter. Her place is so amazing with all of it's Kitsch items everywhere you look. Leslie likes to collect vintage Diner signs and it shows. I suspect that I will return there sometime soon.It attracts a specialized clientele (i.e. foodies, like Dieter and I).

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