Monday, December 29, 2008

A picture of patience.

So, I guess I didn't miss payroll after all. I called this morning and Marilyn informed me that payday is this coming Friday. Phew!
Even still, I am having money concerns. I got a call from Progressive Insurance informing me that the guy who hit me is under insured ( i.e. has $15, 000. worth of coverage ) and so far, my medical bills are at $ 19, 000. and rising. I haven't had any physical therapy, my arm has a rash from the cast that doesn't look too good, and I still don't have a reliable means of transportation. Oh well, like they say in Al-anon... "This too shall pass". I am going to try not to be such a whiner come the new year. In other words, this is going to be a resolution of mine this coming year. Don't complain about things I either a.) Can do nothing about or... b.) Am willing to try and work towards a solution. Nuff said. Above is a picture I drew of my mom who was a great example of patience and tolerance in my life. She put up with the shenanigans of nine kids, assorted grandkids and fools who were quick to judge her. I still miss her very much to this day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Missed Payroll

Today is Sunday, the 28th of December and I am sweating it. I have a big red rash on my arm where the cast was, and now I am trying to figure out how to obtain a reliable, legal means of transportation (My car would not pass smog) so I can make it to church on time . I am going to mass and will be back in an hour to finish this blog.

Okay, I am back. Mass was a wash. Today was the feast of the Holy Family. I feel estranged, because I don't really have one of my own. Although I come from a large loving family, I personally never found a wife with which to bear children of my own. I am not happy with my life as it is right now. The priest talked about the efficacy of Proposition 8; Which only made me feel anxious about being a single male in a congregation filled with the righteous worshippers of parenthood. Jesus Christ was never a parent. My name is Christopher, which means "Christ-bearer" ...go figure.

This time of the year is so dismal and grey in the Western Hemisphere. I am beginning to think that Jesus was more a metaphor or an archetype rather than a living person seeking redemption for us all. It seems that more heartache and destruction has been carried out in His name, than the miraculous events that have occurred on His behalf. Has this world truly become of better place since the Advent of His birth? Presently, I am eating a bowl of cereal ... and as i write this. I am thankful for the food I have to eat, but I have to buy from the Grocery Outlet Store to make ends meet. I also purchase clothes from the Salvation Army for the same reason. The rent for my one-bedroom apartment in Calistoga is something I can barely afford to pay. Today, I am living out the legacy of a universal, ecclesiastical religion that has only served to maintain the status quo.

I just had a good talk with my sister Tara in Portland. Somehow, I thought of calling her to let her know how I was feeling. Man, I am sure glad that I did. She basically told me something that I hadn't thought of... that I really do love Jesus Christ. I just am not so happy with the way the world is right now, and religion hasn't been of much help lately. I am going to explore my relationship with Christ more as the new year approaches.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 08'

Here it is, noontime on Christmas Eve. Now does that make any sense? I am sitting here typing away on my puter after watching some hysterical comedy bits using the CoolIris app. I intend to go shopping (not last minute, mind you) at some point today, to get some coffee filters, cream, tissues and other assorted grocery items. Big Whoop. The other thing I have to do is come up with some other t-shirt designs for Ubuntu. A former co-worker called me to see if I could come up with some " Expressions" to complement their dishes that are served in the restaurant. For instance... An edgy carrot expression, or asparagus expression etc. Well, without the freedom to add some human characteristic to the vegetables, I seem quite limited. So this visual of "Fred Asparagus" did not go over with a bang.I sketched another one, but this one seems really uninteresting to me. I don't feel very creative when I am told what to do and how do it. On the other hand, this comedy bit with John Malkeovitch is much more interesting and enjoyable than drawing t-shirt designs, anyway.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is...

The Holidays come at a time of year when the weather is bleak and dismal. The days are short and the nights are long. I don't really like this month, even though Jesus came into the world during this time. Spring can't seem to come too soon, and it doesn't really take hold until early May usually. People are said to hunker down for long winter naps and attend to activities like reading, wrapping gifts and letter writing (((Yawn))) Even talking about stuff like that, makes me feel like having some comfort food to fill me gullet, and then crash out for a few hours.Speaking of comfort food, I went to Theresa and Johnny's Restaurant in San Raphael yesterday with my friend, Dieter. We had a "Norcal Eggs Benedict" special with home fries and some French toast that was other worldly. Leslie is actually the head Chef there. She is the "Theresa" of the Theresa and Johnny's . She has been a friend of Dieters for a long time. I met her when we went to visit a mutual friend of ours up in Grass Valley last Spring. This person would be John Kane, who is a boyhood pal I know from St. Francis Woods, who went on to become a chef and open his own restaurant just a few years ago. He is married to Maria, who also owns a restaurant there in Nevada City. They are both very busy (as one might imagine) , and spend most of thier time managing BOTH restaurants! Leslie is the same way (workaholics, all of them). She was taking orders and cashiering the whole time we were there stuffing our faces at the counter. Her place is so amazing with all of it's Kitsch items everywhere you look. Leslie likes to collect vintage Diner signs and it shows. I suspect that I will return there sometime soon.It attracts a specialized clientele (i.e. foodies, like Dieter and I).

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Cast-off " Day

Even though I was late for my appointment by a half hour, the good doctor still got me in. I missed the bus from Calistoga and ended up getting a cup of coffee and waiting for the next one to arrive. Naturally the #10 makes every stop and then some on its journey to the city of Napa.The weather was cold and wet today. The first winter storm of the season. I noticed white stuff on the surrounding hillsides. I was sort of hoping that my nephew Edward could steal away for lunch, but such was not the case. The radiology department a the Queen of the Valley was quite busy.Instead, I sauntered over to Staples to buy a black ink cartridge. The same one I was going to go buy the day I got rear ended on my scooter. This coming friday is the preliminary hearing for Mr. Madrigal. In the interim, I have been sending all my medical bills to his insurance company. My wrist and fingers feel kind of tender and sore, but it is SOOOoooo nice to take a shower withouthaving to wrap my arm and wrist in a plastic bag. My lacerations are clearing up on my face too. Pretty soon I will be back to my old obnoxius self again. Yipppee !!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Don't be this guy!

If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone. I am referring to being hit from behind on a scooter by a GMC truck driven by an intoxicated person ( who fortunately was caught and arrested ). It could have been lights out for me... no last minute preparations, just goodbye!
Watch my Public Service Message
Part of me wants to go out fast like that. Not to have a slow death (like Cancer). But since I was given enough of a preview a few weeks ago, I have changed my mind. First of all,I am not ready to go by any means. If I have to be taken out, though; I would prefer to leave this world "in my sleep" as they say. Not a care in the world... in a peaceful manner. Enough of the morbitity.I want you all to live long and prosper, and as my boss likes to say, "May the farce be with you !"

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Google's Street View

This is so cool ! Here is a Street view of my place.Click on the picture to get a larger view and notice the two windows on the top floor of the building in the back. That is where I reside... it's my humble abode! To explore the neighborhood visit Google maps Street View and see what there is.