Sunday, November 09, 2008

Worlds of Favor

This year's Worls of Flavor Conference was rather subdued. Many of the attendees have been here before, some for the second and third time. It was a pleasant affair. Not too rushed, better organized.I got to have my picture taken with Cat Cora (?) the first female Iron Chef. All in all things went okay. Marnie's mom passed away on Saturday morning. We had a run-in on Friday night and when her shift was over she left in a huff. I don't think she was present during her entire shift. She was trying to help everyone, but it all just became a hindrance. Logistically, the transportation system up and down the Napa Valley needs help. It can become rather unreliable when you need to get someplace after hours. Shuttles, Bus-lines and Cabs are not on the same page.It rained, but today is going to be sunny. There was lots of schwag after the conference this year. I think I will ride my scooter to work.

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