Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wake up call

It has been almost a week since my accident on Hwy.29 and I am recovering a little more everyday , but I am not out of the woods yet.
Today I went for a hike up to my favorite sacred site locally. I am speaking of Coyote Peak at Bothe State Park, a two mile hike up through the park from the valley floor.My good friend Don Freeland and Dieter Dopplefeld joined me. We didn't talk much, and we didn't have to... The beauty of the fall was in full splendor.
Tommorow I will be attending an appointment with a bone specialist to have my hand and clavicle observed and treated.My nephew Ed will be picking me up pretty early. I still suspect that I am still in the state of shock even though I am functioning normally. I have ugly purple and yellow bruises all over my body.My face is just the most obvious damage that occurred.My scooter is history now. It is sitting in a storage yard until the police report is released.

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