Friday, November 28, 2008

Typing with a cast on

This is tricky, because I have learned to touch type and now I am going back to looking at the keyboard ! A very bad habit! This cast I am wearing is made of rigid fiberglass material, and my hand is forced to stay in one position. Last evening I had a very wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my neighbors Andre, Dinora and her brother.They all signed my cast with a sharpie pen to commerorate the occasion. We gobbled up a delicious boneless turkey with barbecue sauce and homemade fries. Later we played Poker and watched Spanish Television to while away the hours.Dinora is expecting a child in February, and is starting to get pretty big. We laughed and joked as we speculated on how the Turkey we ate had no bones. Mmmmm and... Hmmmmm !?

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