Sunday, September 14, 2008

Relay for life

Last night after work and after the Saturday AA meeting I walked over to the Calistoga High School Track where the "Relay for Life" event was happening. I don't know if it was last year or the year before when my sister Rita went into to the hospital with a diagnosis for Cancer. Anyway,all I could do to keep from falling apart was to participate by walking around this 440 yard track. I must have put in about ten laps. Last night I walked again, looking up at the full moon above and appreciating the beauty of all the little white bags filled with sand and lit votive candles surrounding the track. Each bag had the name of a loved one who was directly affected by the disease. I recall giving five bucks to the organizer who put Rita's name on a bag and assured me that it would be included in the large array. Last night I walked the track, thanking God that Rita was still alive and that I too, was alive. There was a kid about 13 years old who was running laps in the opposite direction. I told myself that I would continue walking until he stopped. He kept going and going. Finally after I walked about ten laps ( and he probably ran about twenty ) he stoppped. I went up to him and gave him five dollars to donate to this worthy cause. Tommorow I go in for my heart treatment at the Queen of the Valley. Wish me luck.

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