Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Camus Tuesday

Today was nice out, as it has been for the last couple of months. I drove to the Santa Rosa Mall to get a part for my Iphone . I also went to the ATT Store to reset my password on my Iphone and learned that I have a combined account with two separate passwords. After six attempts I was able to reset the password. Lovely. Then I went to Revolution Moto to find out where I can add more oil to my motorscooter if the need arises. I found out that I have to remove three panels in order to do that. Things used to be so much simplier ( or so I think they were ). A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing they say. These are complicated times. When I was at the Apple Store I was shown a little device that looked like a minature tuning fork. It turned out to be the device i would use to remove a "SIM" card from the IPhone. Back in the old days, you would use a paper clip... which still works, but then I guess someone would be out a job. Anyway, I am fried and feel like escaping somewhere. I will let you know in another post where I went.

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