Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not liking Facebook

I recently deactivated my Facebook account. I find it annoying, unpleasant and user unfriendly.I tried having a game of Scrabble (called "Scrabulous" online) and when I clicked on the link to continue the game, it did not take me to the playing board to plot my next move ( sorry... a simple gesture, shouldn't have to jump through hoops for that! ) Then I got an email from a college sweet heart. She wanted to add me to her friends list. I replied to her email because the link she supplied brought me to MY PROFILE PAGE not hers ! I know what is on my page... duh ! I then searched for her in the search for friends feature and was unable to find her. Oh well... Now, I've come to the conclusion that social networking is just idle bullshit that only serves to tittilate the easily impressionble. I think like most people, I may have jumped into this WAY too soon. Now I'm just pissed for doing just that.

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